Magic Number


What’s New


Fix & Polish

Improved clarity of some UI elements in macOS Big Sur

Further improvement for macOS Big Sur compatibility

Fixed an issue with inserting current time due to daylight saving

Fixed the single quote shortcut for dates

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Big Sur Ready

Improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur

You can view numbers as time in the List drawer

You can paste text with time such as 12:30

Fixed an issue with complex polar format

Minor bug fixes

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A Bit Wiser

Better bitwise

Smarter paste

Imperial math

Improved compatibility with macOS Catalina

Various bug fixes

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Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic

Quadratic equations

Cubic and quartic equations

Easy function for polynomial equations

Tip: Reusing result from polynomial equations


Extending !

For the love of combinatorics, the factorial button ! is now multifunctional.



Fixes for date calculation

Improved compatibility with macOS Mojave


Let’s Make a Date

3 things you can do with dates.

Day of the week

Date after some days

Days between 2 dates



Overcoming Overflow

Some math involves gigantic numbers — numbers so large that they can easily overflow calculators and spreadsheets.

Previously Magic Number could stumble. Now it just marches on.

Smarter modulo for modular exponentiation

Smarter permutation and combination

Website update




Happy Chinese New Year!

Or Happy Valentine’s Day.
Whatever the case, it’s time for more love.

万事如意 = 😀,千事如意 = 🙁

To Russia with love

Equation of a line

Vector product

Refinement and fixes

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In the spirit of macOS High Sierra, we spent some time to improve Magic Number’s foundation.

The journey actually began in the last update when we introduced an additional form for logarithm, log(a , b). While not groundbreaking, it is the groundwork for functions with multiple inputs or arguments.

This means functions in Magic Number can be as sophisticated as those in spreadsheets and programming languages. And yet they are simpler to use.

Before we begin…

You can use comma or semicolon for function arguments. For examples:

Comma   log (3 , 9)
Semicolon   log (3 ; 9)

Geometric functions

Logarithm perfected

Mixed base calculation

Bitwise improvements

Bug fixes


Magic Number supports the latest 3 major releases of macOS —
High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), El Capitan (10.11)


A Touch of Magic

Happy New Year!

If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, this is a lovely gift for you.
If you don’t, think of this as your extra Christmas present.

A feature for billionaires — Making sense of big numbers

Copying for purists

A more versatile log

Gamma function

% as modulo

Extra Functions — UI refinements

Touch Bar support — This is a big one


Anytime, Anywhere

Significant digits

Future proofing


Love For Film-makers

And love for the time-obsessed.

Timecode and frame rates

Finer time conversions

Recent function

Refinements and fixes


Sticky But Smooth

Sticky operators

Refinements and fixes


R is for…




Complex Made Simple

Simple notation for complex numbers — A little story

2D for everyone

Easier complex functions

Modulo & quotient

Optimization & bug fixes



Improved compatibility with OS X El Capitan.

Engineering-wise, Magic Number is more streamlined and optimized.

More functions for history.  (Less taxing for tax.)

A sweeter list



We obsess every detail — from design to workflow.
And you get a better app in every possible way.

Refined math typesetting

Subscripts for everyone

More love for scientists

Global shortcut + Custom keys

Smart select — Clever double-clicking

Smart inspect — Check your math

Selective bracketing

More nice touches

Less bugs