Arcsin - The traditional way

You need to hold ⇧ and press the other key for the 2nd function.

Arcsin - The Double Key way

It’s easier to tap the same key twice for the 2nd function.

Magic Number  ▸  Preferences… ▸  Shortcuts

Preferences: Shortcuts

In general, any function that requires pressing the shift (⇧) key can be accessed via Double Key.


S=sin SS=sin⁻¹
C=cos CC=cos⁻¹
T=tan TT=tan⁻¹


Y=xY YY=x1/Y
Z=x2 ZZ=x3
J= JJ=n
E=ex EE=2x EEE=10x
L=log LL=log₂ LLL=log₁₀


V=tax VV=tax2 VVV=tax3

* Shortcut and names are customizable. See here.


A=a AA=a2
B=b BB=b2
K=k KK=k2
M=m MM=m2
N=n NN=n2

The buttons  F 1  and F 2 can be customized with extra functions (see here).

Their keyboards shortcuts are F1 and F2.
You may find it easier to use F and G instead.

If you right-click or control click  F 1 , you get a menu of functions with the related ones grouped together:

Extra Functions Menu

You can use Double Key to access related functions.
For example:

If: Then:
F1=Modulo F1F1=Quotient
F1=Percent Change F1F1=As Percentage Of
F1=Combinations F1F1=Permutations
F1=Round F1F1=Truncate

It works the other way too. If  F1 = Quotient, then F1 F1 = Modulo. The same applies to F2.

Note:  The keys F1 and F2 are often used by OS X.
We recommend you use F and G.