Numbers 0 to 9 Enter digits 0 to 9
Decimal point
European users can use comma ( , ).
: Time separator
For 3 hours 45 minutes, enter 3:45
& Fractional ‘And’
For 1 , enter 1 & 2 / 3
% Percentage
K 1000
For example, enter 5K for 5000
E Exponential notation
when pressed after a number
Euler’s number, e 2.71828…
Basics + Add
* or X Multiply
/ Divide
( or [ Left Parenthesis
) or ] Right Parenthesis
? The Unknown
For solving arithmetic or algebra equation.
To solve:  3 x – 16 = 5
Enter:  3 ? – 16 = 5
Answer:  ? = 7
Result R Result
from the last calculation
= Calculate While Typing
Shows you the result while you typing
Switch the sign of the result
⇧⌘ Complex conjugation of the result
' Invert the result
: Change the result to time
% Change the result to percent
Memory = Set the memory e.g. m = 55
A Insert memory ‘a’
A  A Insert memory ‘a2’
B Insert memory ‘b’
B  B Insert memory ‘b2’
M Insert memory ‘m’
M  M Insert memory ‘m2’
N Insert memory ‘n’
N  N Insert memory ‘n2’
Tax V Insert tax
You can press V repeatedly to cycle
through various rates.

You can use T instead of V:
Go to Preferences > Shortcuts.
i Indicate a value is inclusive of tax.
You can use i instead of i by making
the inclusive button ‘inc’ as the default.
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^ or Y

x y Power


x1/y Inverse Power


x 2 Square


x 3 Cube

J Square Root


nN-th Root

' (single quote)

x –1 Inverse


ex e to the power


10x 10 to the power

2x — press and hold ex button.

L loge Natural Logarithm
L log10 Base 10 Logarithm

log2 — press and hold log button.

! Factorial
Angles ⌥⌘ R Switch between degrees and radians
P π Pi,  3.14159…
H Hypotenuse e.g.  34 = 5
H Adjacent e.g.  54 = 3
Trigonometry S sin Cosine
C cos Cosine
T tan Tangent
S sin¹ Arcsine
C cos¹ Arccosine
T tan¹ Arctangent
Tip Cool way to inverse:

sin–1 is made of sin and –1 (inverse)

You can press S then ' (single quote).

Hyperbolic Functions H

Press H after sin, cos, or tan.

sinh SH
cosh CH
tanh TH

Use ' (single quote) for inverse –1.

sinh¹ SH'
cosh¹ CH'
tanh¹ TH'
Complex Numbers i Imaginary unit i
< Polar Enter complex number in r ∠ θ
⌥⌘ P Display complex result in polar format
Note: You can find absolute value, argument, real, and imaginary parts under Extra Functions
Bitwise Operators & Bitwise And
| Bitwise Or
^ Bitwise Exclusive Or
` Bitwise Nor
! Bitwise Not
Note: The above shortcuts are only available in binary, octal, and hexadecimal.
Extra Functions F1 + F2 You can pick a function for these buttons. Functions such as:
  • Modulo
  • Percent Change
  • Rounding
  • Combinations
  • Permutations
  • and many more…
⇧⌘ F

Show Function Browser
where you can customize F1 and F2.

F or F1

Insert F1 function.

G or F2

Insert F2 function.

F and G are the preferred shortcuts because F1 and F2 could be used by OS X or some other apps.