• Preparation
    Setting up tax rate, customization
  • Other rates
    Accessing other rates via mouse or keyboard
  • Calculations
    Price with tax, price without tax, tax amount
  • Business use
    Expenses, invoices, book-keeping etc.
    Tax on a list for prices.

Tax calculations are based on percentage rates.
Let’s start by setting the tax rate:

Go to menu  Calculation ▸ Tax & Rates…

Tax Options
  1. Enter your tax rate.
  2. Change the name if you like. It’s purely for presentation and does not affect the result.
  3. Pick a keyboard shortcut that suits you.

You can also set the tax rate directly at any time.

Example To set the tax rate to 25%
Enter tax  =  25%

Other rates work the same way as tax. Let’s learn how to access them.

Via mouse

Hold down the tax button until its menu appears.

Tax Menu

(Tax and rate names may differ as they are customizable.)

Via keyboard

If V is your tax shortcut, pressing V repeatedly will cycle through the rates.


VVRate 1

VVVRate 2

VVVVRate 3

(Pressing V again after Rate 3 would cycle back to Tax)

For example, to set Rate 1 to 25%, press:

VV  =  25%

For illustration, we use the tax rate of 10%.

Price with tax

Example What is $200 with tax? Display
Tax Add
Enter 200 + tax
Result 220

( 200 + tax  =  200 + 10%  =  220 )

So the price 220 is inclusive of tax.

Tax subtraction

A  General case Display
Tax Subtract
Enter 220 tax
Result 198

( 220 – tax  =  220 – 10%  =  220 )

B  Price without tax

If we indicate 220 is inclusive of tax, subtracting tax will give us the price without tax, i.e.

220  inclusive  –  tax  =  200

We use  inc  for inclusive. Let’s make it available:

Hold down the button i until the menu appears and choose “Inclusive of %”.

Inclusive Button

Enter 220 inc tax Display
Tax Subtract (inclusive)
Tip Press ‘ i ’ for inc
Result 200

Tax amount

We begin with the original price of $200.

Example What is the tax on $200? Display
Tax Amount
Enter tax × 200
Result 20

Alternatively, you can enter:  200 × tax

And you can leave out ×:  200 tax

Tax amount (from price inclusive of tax)

Given the price inclusive of tax is $220, what is the tax amount?

Hint Need to indicate 220 is inclusive. Display
Tax Amount from Taxed Price
Enter tax × 220 inc
Result 20

Alternatively:  220 inc × tax

Or simply:  220 inctax

Expenses, invoices, book-keeping etc.

Imagine we have a list of prices: 10, 20, 30, 40.
We want to calculate:

  • Subtotal  (i.e. the sum)
  • Tax amount of subtotal
  • Subtotal + Tax amount  (i.e. the total)

The List drawer can help us.

Using the List drawer

  1. Open the drawer. (Shortcut: ⌘4)
  2. To add the price 10 to the drawer:
    Enter 10 and press return (↩).
  3. Repeat for prices 20, 30, 40.
    Sum for a list of prices
  4. From the summary menu, choose ‘+ Tax’.
    If the tax rate is 10%, we would have this:
    Tax for a list of prices
  5. You can also see tax for selected prices.
    When you select the first price:
    Tax for a selected price

Summary menu

Let’s talk about the other tax functions.

Summary Menu

The subtotal is always the sum of prices.

+ Tax’ calculates the tax amount and adds it to the subtotal.

– Tax’ is similar to ‘+ Tax’.
It subtracts the tax amount from the subtotal instead.

○ without Tax’ calculates the tax amount, assuming the prices are inclusive of tax. It then subtracts it from the subtotal. We get the total price without tax.


Knowing that 10, 20, 30, 40 with 10% tax are 11, 22, 33, 44.
Let’s enter these numbers and use ‘○ without Tax’.

Total without tax

Using other rates

To do so, choose More from the summary menu and select the rate you want.

Summary Menu - More Functions

The summary menu now has the Rate 1 functions.

Summary Menu - Extended

2 nice features

Action Menu

A Copy Summary

This copies the subtotal, tax amount, and total — all at once.
Shortcut: ⌃C

Drawer Table Parts

Copy Rows & Summary  new

Like Copy Summary, it also copies the rows.
Shortcut: ⇧⌃C

(⇧ = shift, ⌃ = control)

B Number Formats

As Display

Based on the current format of the calculator’s display.

Number Format - As Display

Currency  new

Formats in 2 decimal places so that the values are nicely aligned.

Number Format - Currency

5 Digits

A compact format that limits numbers to 5 digits.

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