Learn more F1 F2 View OptionsSee the result in different format:e.g. fraction, high precision decimal, or scientific notation etc. Imaginary UnitEnter complex number in the form (3 + 4i) PolarEnter complex number in the form ( r  θ ) And For mixed fractions like Angle UnitDEG indicates the current unit is degrees.RAD indicates the current unit is radians.Click to switch unit. Finally all buttons have tooltips. Move your mouse pointer over the button for more information. Tip:  Some buttons have menus.Press the control key to reveal them. ShiftAccess the alternative functions. You can do this faster with Double Key. Extra FunctionsYou can pick a function for F1 and F2.The first time you click them, you willbe presented with this function browser: Logarithm(Natural log)You can choose a different log as default.Just click and hold: h = Hyperbolic (For sinh, cosh, tanh, etc.)To get  sinh  enter  sin  then  h h = Hypotenuse For Enter  3  h  4 Enter  2  &  3 / 4 You can choose a different function anytime by pressing:  ⇧⌘ F The Unknown  of an equationE.g. enter:  96 – ? = 79You get ? = 17. ctrl