Magic Number



We respect your privacy.

You can enjoy Magic Number without providing your personal data. In fact, we prefer to collect as little data as possible. We want you to have a peace of mind without worrying about privacy or security.

Whenever we can, when we ask for your personal data, we do it in a clear, direct way where you can opt-in. Otherwise we provide you the ability to opt-out.

Here is an overview of our practices.

The App

Magic Number does not collect your personal data by default. Furthermore it does not track your behavior, IP address, keyboard or other input. And it cannot exploit your device’s camera or microphone.

The only time it collects your personal data is when you intentionally sign up to our VIP email list.

Email List

When you open the app for the first time, you have the opportunity to sign up to our VIP email list. If you accept, your email address will be added securely to our list; otherwise no data will be sent.

We send emails only when there are major product releases, important news, and special offers. This is generally no more than 3 emails a year.

We do not sell or provide your data to third-parties. The only exception is when we use a mail service company to distribute emails. We use companies that value user’s privacy and compliant with GDPR.

The Website

When you visit our website or interact with our server, metadata on some network activities are logged. This metadata may include your IP address, the name and version of the software you used, and the time of access.

We use these logs seldomly and mostly for diagnostic purposes — for instance, when there is network problem or the site appears to be maliciously abused.

These logs are automatically deleted within 30 days. It is not our business to monitor your behavior or extract data from you.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy. We will be happy to help.