Touch Bar is a wonderful feature on the new MacBook Pro. Something we’d love to have on future Macs.

Here is Magic Number’s Touch Bar. (Full image here.)

Touch Bar Default

It is fully customizable.
Menu ▸ View ▸ Customize Touch Bar…

Instead of menu, you can also tap  Touch Bar Gear

Touch Bar Customization Resized

Within minutes, you have a business calculator:

Touch Bar Tax

Or a specialized time calculator:

Touch Bar Timecode

You get the idea.

Let’s look at the special buttons.


Touch Bar Trigonometry

You may be wondering where are the inverse and hyperbolic functions.
When you tap sin for example, all is revealed:

Touch Bar Trigonometry Variant

If you don’t use hyperbolic functions, there is also a quicker way.
Check out Menu ▸ View ▸ Touch Bar Options ▸ Use Double Key

Angle Unit

On the surface, this button switches between degrees and radians.

Touch Bar Angle

When you tap and hold, you get contextual options.

Touch Bar Degree

In radians, you can see your result in terms of pi or tau.

Touch Bar Radian


Initially you have 2 memories for the Touch Bar. You can get more:

Touch Bar Memories
Touch Bar Memory Add


This expands into 2 parts. Part B is quite smart — it examines the context and brings you the relevant options.

Touch Bar Format

A Number formats

They are general, decimal places, scientific, and fraction.
For engineering, quantifier, and significant digits, tap Touch Bar Ellipsis

B Contextual control

Sometimes, depending on the context of your calculation and format, you want to look at results differently. Previously you had to dig deep, now it’s one tap away.

Here are the scenarios:


This one is good to know. It transforms a number from one form to another.

TouchBar Transform
  1. Sign Transform
    e.g. 2 → -2
  2. Inverse Transform
    e.g. 2 → 2⁻¹ = ½ = 0.5
    Also: cosine → secant
  3. Percent Transform
    e.g. 0.5 → 50%
  4. Time Transform
    e.g. 2.5 → 2:30

For your reference, their shortcuts are ⌘–, ⌘', ⌘%, and ⌘:

The default Touch Bar is monochrome.

TouchBar Theme Monochrome

If you want a colorful, vibrant Touch Bar, go to View ▸ Touch Bar Options and choose the Vibrant theme.

TouchBar Theme Vibrant