Learn more Learn more as ÷ × , Common Actions Extra FunctionsYou can pick a function for F1 and F2. Pi3.14159265358979… Percentage All Clear — Clear the display. Result from the last calculation. Enter — Do the calculation.Shortcut: return key Decimal point European users can use comma. Exponential notation 20000 can be written as: 2 x 10 4 For enter: 2 x 10 4 Delete the current numberTo delete a single digit press delete (⌫) . MemoryUp to 10 memories. Behave like variables. TaxFor percentage rates you use often. DivideShortcut:  /  …also for fractions (e.g. 2 / 5).Press  ⌘ /  to view the result as fraction. MultiplyTip:  It’s easier to use  X  as shortcut. SubtractAlso for entering negative number.Press  ⌘ –  to switch the sign of a number. Tip:  You can use the key Go to:  Magic Number > Preferencesand select ‘Shortcuts’. Add 2  exp  4.